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Buschur Racing Coil-On Plug W/ BR Spec CDi




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This is the best ignition for the EVO on the market in our opinion. This is our own coil on plug ignition that bolts on under the factory or aftermarket coil covers, comes with all plug in wiring, ignition module and a CDi high output ignition. The BR Spec CDi mated to our coil on plug EVO ignition will give you enough fire power for 1,000 horsepower. You will have no ignition misfires even with the use of alcohol or nitrous oxide injection.

This is the same ignition system can be found on ALL of the high horsepower Evo's that we put out of Buschur Racing including the 9sec daily drivers, 500+ pump gas cars, etc.... as well as many of the fastest Evo's in the country.

NOTE: This system DOES work with the stock AND JDM stock ECU cars without misfire codes or other problems ECU. This setup also works in vehicles equipped with standalone engine management systems.