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Buschur Racing GT-R Billet Front Diff Housing



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Buschur Racing is proud to offer its newest improvement to the already stellar GT-R platform.  The Buschur Racing GT-R Billet Front Differential Housing. After many failures on the stock unit there is finally something that we are confident in saying can handle just about anything you can throw at it and believe us we are throwing a lot at it everyday!  After multiple customers have experience exploding of the front differential housing which caused by the weakness of the case itself. The pinion gear is forced out of the base of the case from the helical cut gear design. This then blows the back of the case into pieces.  This could ultimately lead to needing to replace the shortblock entirely as the two mounting points are connected to the engine itself.  We have come up with this new billet housing which much stronger then the stock unit and should eliminate those fears!  We highly recommend this to anyone who intends to drag race their GT-R.  Please note this is only for the case itself.  You are responsible for supplying the internals as well as the back cover plate.  You are also responsible for setting up of the internals to the proper specs.