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Buschur Racing Evo X Stage 3 2.0 Darton Sleeved Shortblock



After much testing of the piston/rod combination in many cars across the world we are now confident enough to offer the parts for high horsepower builds in a drop in shortblock package. The engines are machined to accept our Buschur Racing ultra high strength custom pistons that we have been using since the release of the Evo X. This is not a new piston design we are praying works out, it's already proven. The rods are a custom Manley (Made in USA) rod, which have also been in use since the release of this new engine platform. The factory crankshaft is balanced along with the rest of the rotating assembly to ensure smooth high RPM operation. Along with our pistons and rods the block has also been machined to accept a set of bulletproof Darton ductile iron sleeves to make this the ultimate Evo X shortblock! This block is a must have for you hardcore road racers or those of you out there wanting to go 800+whp (Mustang Dyno) in your Evo X. The 4B11T has proven to be a very strong shortblock that handles power increases well with good tuning. However, with extended periods of high cylinder pressures, boost and horsepower we have seen the very tops of the cylinders show signs of distortion. This leads to less than optimal ring seal at the very top of the cylinder where you want it the most. Cores are required for this service. We will need your good block and crank cores in order to provide this service. Please call us for a return authorization number before sending in your cores. If you would like to purchase this block without cores that can be done as well.

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